The company is committed to providing its customers with products and services that fulfil all of their needs and expectations. The highest emphasis is placed on the integrity of our products, their safe manufacture, and efficient distribution.

We have dedicated facilities for both the R&D and quality control chemists, with areas that have been especially segregated, so as not to disturb either process. Our fully equipped laboratories include:

2. GLC
3. Auto Titrator
4. Karl Fischer Titrator
5. U.V Spectrophotometer
6. Vacuum Ovens
7. Laminar Flow Bench
8. Shaker
9. BOD Incubator
10. Glass Distillation Assembly
11. Table Top Centrifuges

The research for new products, and focus on processes and their improvement, will always play an important part of every day business at Dalas Biotech. Our R&D teams are ready to assist our clients, completing our priority to serve as fully as possible.