The second part of our newly erected facility was purpose built for the production of bulk drugs, where each product has a segregated production, processing and packaging area.

Every care is taken at each stage to maintain the product quality and yield, again via our four stage testing process:

Raw Material testing and approval
2. Validation of production machinery
3. In process testing
4. Final product analysis

Each product has a dedicated team, which aids in the improvement of our processes and products, and is a measure of our intention to provide the right quality material in time for our client's deadlines.


Within our bulk drug unit, the core competence and focus is on the production of antibiotics.

At Dalas Biotech we are focused on improving all aspects of the products that we manufacture, often with the result that our specifications exceed those that are provided by international standards.

Our current product range includes the following:

1. Amoxicillin
2. Ampicillin
3. Cloxacillin
4. Cefixime
5. Cephalexin
6. Cephadroxil

Great care is taken to prevent any chance of cross contamination, to the extent that each product once entered into the production cycle, is completely separated from any other product. We implement this system by segregating the following:

1. Production vessels
2. Centrifuges
3. Drying Areas
4. Packing Areas

The quality control department is involved at every stage, and no material is able to leave our facility unless approved, and according to the standards specified.

Annual capacities are variable on a product-by-product basis with maximum capacities approaching the 250 Tonnes per annum mark. Further technical details can be found on our specifications page.

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