Dalas Biotech offers exclusive synthesis capabilities for custom manufacturing.

With our state of the art facility, and multi purpose plant, we provide the highest levels of service and quality of products, with a constant focus on confidentiality.

Our custom manufacturing facility is there to provide our customers:
1. Shorter times to market
2. Access to development expertise and manufacturing technologies
3. Cost savings by reducing the need for potentially under-utilised production facilities

While working with us you will find the following advantages at your disposal:
1. Strict confidentiality
2. Responsiveness
3. Quality assurance

We are able to offer our customers contract manufacturing in the following areas, subject to conditions and requirements:
1. Fermentation products including downstream production
2. Intermediates
3. Bulk Drugs
4. Speciality Drugs

At Dalas Biotech we are ready to make your promising laboratory discoveries a viable industrial-scale product. Modern downstream processing, together with excellent production capabilities will all be at your service.