At Dalas Biotech we have a state of the art enzyme facility, with the capability and equipment to carry out bacterial, yeast and fungal fermentations.

In addition to this we also have the appropriate downstream facility to handle the production of enzymes, proteins and secondary metabolites (anti-bacterials, anti-fungals, immunosuppressants and so on).

We are able to produce small and large quantities under validated conditions for pilot studies as well as for any commercial production. Any special equipment required can also be procured.

In today's business environment it is becoming more and more important to keep a broad and modern technology base to better serve our customers.

Dalas Biotech offers its customers state-of-the-art technologies that include:

1. Enzymatic synthesis (free and carrier-fixed)
2. Homogenisation
3. Thermocoagulation
4. Membrane technologies (Ultrafiltration)
5. Concentration techniques
6. Chromatography
7. Immobilisation
8. Solid/liquid separation (Centrifugation)
9. Crystallization
10. Grinding and sieving.